Love with a Backbone

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Robin Hallett Poetry Collection

I have no interest in adding any more darkness in the world. I will not contribute to the anger, the meanness. I’m not interested in dissonance. Don’t talk to me about all the a*holes who are making things worse for the world. Instead, tell me what YOU are doing to be a force for good. Tell me what you’re doing to contribute something helpful. Love is my dharma and I will practice this wherever I go. In times like these I ask myself the following: Can I keep abreast of… …Read More »

Let Yourself off the Hook. Do Whatever You Want. Let Go.

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Let Yourself off the Hook. Do Whatever You Want. Let Go. How to not lose it when things go wrong.

Or, what to do when you’re in a funk and you can’t make yourself do anything “productive” and you just wanna hang it all up and head for the coast but you’re scared that this will mean the end. I’m drinking coffee and reading Stephen King. The windows are open, I’m listening to crickets and the smell of smell of fresh cut grass fills the kitchen. The yumminess of this takes me back to a time when I had no responsibilities and life felt pretty easy. I take a beat… …Read More »

Read This When You’re Beating Yourself Up Again

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This is a love letter to my friends who struggle with repeating patterns of behavior and have a hard time breaking free. And sometimes beat themselves up about it. I put myself in that camp too. Ahhh what great company we keep! Hello Sweetie, I am writing to you now because I can see you are going there again. That thing you do has happened again and now you’re heading for that yukky-poo place you go to when you do the kinds of things you just can’t face. It’s okay… …Read More »

It’s OK to Want What You Want and It Doesn’t Make You Bad or Wrong

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It’s okay to want what you want. What you are wanting for yourself and for your life is never ever bad or wrong. Never ever, ever ever. In fact, what you are wanting points right back to the essential and unique spark of the Divine that you truly are. You’re a one of a kind original and the things you love and enjoy and desire are a reflection of this spark. It’s okay to want what you want. Even in the absence of the evidence that it can happen. Even… …Read More »

How to Stop Chasing Rainbows and Find the Treasure Within

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Whenever I hear the Adele song Chasing Pavements I usually goof and sing, “should I give up or should I just keep chasing rainbows…” That’s probably because chasing rainbows is something I know a lot about. I’m sure most of us do. There’s a suffering story we carry inside–maybe it’s about us or maybe it’s about our lives–and that suffering prods us to search for an answer. Or a fix. Or a complete overhaul. Some kind of cure. Maybe it’s a training, or an exercise program, or a financial Roto-Rooter. We’re… …Read More »

The Crack Where the Light Gets In

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The Crack Where The Light Gets In by Robin Hallett

I’ve been spending a lot of time in quiet. Trying to get my bearings, waiting for the ride to slow. I’m reminding myself to breathe, to soften. Giving myself the little extras. I keep asking: Why am I so upset? Part of me is surprised to be feeling this way. As if it’s a problem, an inconvenience. As if some part of me is difficult because I am functioning at less than 100%. And yet, here I am. I can feel there’s this invisible thing I’m trying to find. So… …Read More »

Broken, but better.

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Broken, but better. Healing from old emotional wounding by robin hallett

As a kid, I often felt helpless and unsafe around the people who were supposed to love me the most. I was at the mercy of their fluctuating moods and addictions. The experience of not being cherished or wanted was ongoing, relentless. My personal work today is sitting with how that wounding gets tweaked now as I meet people who resemble the cast of characters from childhood–the ones who seem unsafe, wildly fluctuating in their moods, addicted, and unable to cherish or respect me. On each of our paths, situations… …Read More »

Want Your Happiness More Than Your Upset

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want your happiness more than the upset

On why we need to stop honoring our suffering like it’s the most important thing happening everrrrr and how to stop freaking yourself out in a bad way. Want your happiness more than the upset. It’s something I talk about with friends often. And I love it when my friends say, but how how how? How can I want the happiness and peace when my upset is all I can think about? How can I sit here and wish for joy when my heart feels like it’s being ripped out… …Read More »

Holistic Creative Circle Series: Art Heals with Robin Hallett

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  Hello sweet Friends! I am teaching in a beautiful ‘spirit art healing’ program this year — I feel super honored to have been asked especially because art has been such a healer on my own journey and I still feel so excited and relieved and blessed that somehow, someway, art came to mind when I was at my lowest and often contemplating some really dark things. So I am posting this here for you today because I was thinking you might want to check it out for your own… …Read More »

How to Make Room for Your Own Healing

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How to make room for your own healing

  Hello sweet Friends! I am getting ready to have a major surgery and something tells me it’s a good idea to share some thoughts with you about what I am doing to make space for my own healing and recovery. I promise it’s not a ploy for more casseroles during my recovery time. OK, maybe I better take that promise back because if you knew that #1husband can really only cook toast and coffee, you’d be sending me those casseroles, pronto! I hope my sharing about my process during… …Read More »

The Love Burrito

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Love Burritos. Those times when it just feels like all of the stars aligned and there was this beautiful hum to what you were doing and it all rolled up into this wonderful, delicious, yummy thing. Maybe it was a time when you were lost in creating, or you had that one magical night out with your friends, or your speech ended in a standing ovation. You revisit these times in your heart and while the memory can still light you up, the Love Burrito itself has come and gone,… …Read More »

Healing Our Wounded Inner Child: Welcoming Ourselves into the World.

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Healing our inner child

At some point along the journey I make with clients, we begin to talk about the way we were welcomed into the world. The way we were welcomed initially. The stories we have about it. Who we were, what we were like, what it was all like. And no matter who I talk to, I have found that there is a very significant thread between our birth stories (or the conception stories) and the deep-seated story that the little child inside us carries about who we are. When we spin… …Read More »

How to be Yourself. You Are Not Just a Good Little Sheepie.

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How to Be Yourself. The Story of the Rainbow Colored Unicorn Sheepie.

On how to be yourself and confidently love who you are and break free from of the herd of everyone else. May this go to just the right hearts today. All your life you tried to be the good little sheepie. From the time you were a baby ewe, you tried to fit in with the flock, dutifully doing the things that the other sheepies did. You ate grass. You stayed close to the herd. You perfected your “bah.” You wanted to be good. But sometimes, from the somewhere deep… …Read More »

Some people are best loved from afar.

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Some people are best loved from afar.

There are days when I wish I owned a megaphone. And if I did, I’d take it up to my roof where I’d shout: Attention! Attention! To the drainers, haters, and shamers… calling all controllers, passive aggressives, and the crispy, bitchy peeps. To anyone thinking I owe you something, and to the distant relatives still expecting me to take care of your unresolved sh*t: I am speaking to you! Step back, this is my dance space. Step back. That’s it, keep going, I’ll let you know when it’s far enough.… …Read More »

Read this when you find yourself lost in the weeds.

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There are days when you find yourself lost in the weeds.

There are days when you find yourself lost in the weeds. Somehow you’ve managed to wander way off course. You dropped your flashlight and nothing seems recognizable. Don’t freak out, this is not some new kind of normal. You’re in the weeds. This is temporary. You may not realize this: It isn’t possible to live in a constantly aligned state of bliss on your rainbow path in perfect harmony with your sacred trajectory every single moment of every single day. It isn’t realistic to hold yourself to a standard demanding… …Read More »