How to Stop Chasing Rainbows and Find the Treasure Within

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Whenever I hear the Adele song Chasing Pavements I usually goof and sing, “should I give up or should I just keep chasing rainbows…” That’s probably because chasing rainbows is something I know a lot about. I’m sure most of us do. There’s a suffering story we carry inside–maybe it’s about us or maybe it’s about our lives–and that suffering prods us to search for an answer. Or a fix. Or a complete overhaul. Some kind of cure. Maybe it’s a training, or an exercise program, or a financial Roto-Rooter. We’re… …Read More »

Message from The Big U: Don’t Push It!

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Message from The Big U: Don

Hello Friend! I am slowly on the mend after having surgery nearly 5 weeks ago. Self-care has been on my mind a lot but I’ve also found myself worrying and wondering at times if I shouldn’t be pushing myself harder to get better sooner and return back to work faster. It’s a theme a lot of us experience on the journey. I hope my words and offerings here serve those of you feeling called to hear it. I have been getting subtle messages from the Big U: Don’t Push It!… …Read More »

Rock It like You Mean It: You’ve Always Had the Power.

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Most of you here in the Love Posse are creatives of some kind. You’re in business for yourself–or hope to be one day–performing a service to the world. I’ve had the pleasure of not only offering healing to many of you but what I like to call Businessy Love as well and today I want to speak to the part in you that gets a little hung up about things. I want to speak to the part in you that gets a little hung up in the cobwebby-waste-of-time-energy-sucks each of… …Read More »

The Magic Dojo

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There is a place inside you called the Magic Dojo. It’s a very special place. A sacred space. You were born with this Dojo right inside your heart. There is nothing you need to do to earn the right to visit. You know how I’m often calling you a Spark of the Divine? Well, this is where that spark lives… right there in the Magic Dojo of your heart. Meet Dojo Birdie, the Ass Kicker of Light. I affectionately call my spark, ‘Dojo Birdie, the Ass Kicker of Light.’ I… …Read More »