Go Where You’re Celebrated, Not Where You’re Tolerated

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“Don’t try to convince anyone that you’re a good person. Quit trying to win someone over who isn’t kind but only tolerates you-you don’t need their approval. Be kind, be respectful, but you don’t have to stay… go where you are celebrated. Keep living forward and trust that the right people are there. You never need to convince anyone to love you.” – Joel Osteen Rejection. I can remember that yukky feeling going all the way back. It seemed lots of people didn’t love me as much as I loved… …Read More »

Say Thank You If You’re Ready to Leave

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  …or how to get over or get through or get past or get beyond whatever has been plaguing you without having to commit murder or become a monk on a mountaintop or anything else crazy or drastic before you can feel better 😉 “Whatever you accept completely you go beyond, if you fight it you’re stuck with it” — Eckhart Tolle Most of my life I was trained to believe that the way you get over something was to keep working through it. Keep processing the feelings, just keep… …Read More »

The Horrible Uglies We Never Tell

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the horrible uglies we never tell by robin hallett

I always say I am not much of a journaler… but I have 20 years of journals here. Sometimes I tell #1husband, should I croak unexpectedly, forget making me look presentable…go find those journals and burn them! More and more, I realize there are stories I am carrying that need to go. These are stories which aren’t serving me… but they’re inside me still. These little light nibblers get in the way, sucking up the juju available. In the way. Holding me back. Informing my NOW with stories about can’t,… …Read More »

There’s Only You and Me and We Just Disagree

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I love that song by Dave Mason: We Just Disagree I think it’s really a love song of sorts but every time I hear it my heart finds its way back to family and old friends where wounding happened and stuff still isn’t healed. My eyes prick with tears as I tell you that. Sometimes it’s just really hard to be awake and on a journey and have people in our lives where the shit has gone down and the path with them isn’t smooth and easy anymore. Harder still… …Read More »

Send Your Love, Not Your Worries

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Send your love, not your worries

This is a drawing of Ganesha I am working on. Although he is often considered the remover of obstacles, he also places obstacles in the path of those who need them 😉 I am in a position of loving people through difficult things Sometimes people witnessing those going through the difficult time will say to me: But what can I do?! I am so far away, I don’t really know what I can offer. These sweet friends will be sitting with guilt and worry and not really know what to… …Read More »