The Gazinta Principle

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The Gazinta Principle

There’s a word I use when speaking to the way it feels when we know in our bones that something is right for us. This thing we are doing (or want to do) is a match to the way we feel on our insides about who we are and what we are HERE to do. The feeling indicates YES. Our very own kind of YES. The word I use for this is GAZINTA. And from this feeling, we know with big certainty that this is a right-for-us thing. Even when… …Read More »

How to Believe in Your Success Even If It’s Scary

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How to Believe in Your Success Even When You

My client emailed the other day, “Ugh I’ve had at least 500 thoughts today saying I can’t do this. I keep wondering if it means I am going to fail and then everyone will know me for the LOSER I really am… why is it so hard to believe in myself?” Yes, it’s pretty normal to have thoughts like that – even 500 in a day! But this is no evidence you aren’t gonna make it. I think you might be focusing on too small a net here… what if… …Read More »