Your Kindness Is Not a Permission Slip

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People don’t always understand what they’re asking of you. When they want a little something extra, they’re not thinking about what this little extra will cost you. They’re not considering what their thinly veiled demand will mean to your sanctuary. They’re trying to to get under the rope because they believe it matters. When we’re upset, we get a little messy. And we handle things badly. We all forget about common courtesies from time to time. BUT. That’s no excuse. You can’t let people run you over. Your kindness is… …Read More »

Say Thank You If You’re Ready to Leave

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how to get over it

  …or how to get over or get through or get past or get beyond whatever has been plaguing you without having to commit murder or become a monk on a mountaintop or anything else crazy or drastic before you can feel better 😉 “Whatever you accept completely you go beyond, if you fight it you’re stuck with it” — Eckhart Tolle Most of my life I was trained to believe that the way you get over something was to keep working through it. Keep processing the feelings, just keep… …Read More »

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

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not my circus, not my monkeys

Hello sweet Friends, Here we go launching into the holiday season and you know what that means! Between the moments of merry-making, there will be lots of opportunities for us to practice choosing peace and ease over the other stuff we could be swirling in. As you’re making your way, I am inviting you to remember a very important truth: You are not the monkey whisperer and this isn’t the circus. It’s just too hard to manage everyone and their whackness – and anyway, it’s not your job! Better for… …Read More »

Boundaries: How to rock them without becoming a sweaty hot mess.

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Boundaries. How to rock them without becoming a sweaty hot mess.

This is a little pep talk for those of you in the Love Posse who are having some rough times with standing up and honoring yourselves. If you’ve been experiencing kooky boundary stuff with people in your life–especially if it’s becoming somewhat of a recurring theme–this post is for you! Lots of us are confused about what boundaries look like on a spiritual path. Walking a spiritual path does not mean being walked on. A spiritual path is not about being good either. When I think about the tough stuff… …Read More »

It’s Your Rodeo, Baby. Are You Getting in That Ring?

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It’s your rodeo, baby. Are you getting in that ring or are you sitting this one out? Either way, the show goes on. If you’re in, best don your hat and grab your gear. You’re going to need it when you ride 🙂 Sure, your fearlessness and bravery will get you up on the horse, but it’s your courage and determination that will see you through to ride another day. Faking it only gets you so far. I am sure plenty of people can pretend to ride a horse…until they… …Read More »

Don’t Let the Turkeys Get You Down

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Or, How to not continue the crazy cycle of trying to please people who will never ever get you or understand you–not to mention why in the eff would we want to try and please the turkeys?! I know there are times when you think you’re too much, or too kooky. You worry about being too this, or too that. Judging who you are instead of lovingly embracing yourself no exceptions. And I am guessing that like me, you got into this bad habit because your people told you in… …Read More »

The Magic Dojo

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There is a place inside you called the Magic Dojo. It’s a very special place. A sacred space. You were born with this Dojo right inside your heart. There is nothing you need to do to earn the right to visit. You know how I’m often calling you a Spark of the Divine? Well, this is where that spark lives… right there in the Magic Dojo of your heart. Meet Dojo Birdie, the Ass Kicker of Light. I affectionately call my spark, ‘Dojo Birdie, the Ass Kicker of Light.’ I… …Read More »

Some people are best loved from afar.

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Some people are best loved from afar.

There are days when I wish I owned a megaphone. And if I did, I’d take it up to my roof where I’d shout: Attention! Attention! To the drainers, haters, and shamers… calling all controllers, passive aggressives, and the crispy, bitchy peeps. To anyone thinking I owe you something, and to the distant relatives still expecting me to take care of your unresolved sh*t: I am speaking to you! Step back, this is my dance space. Step back. That’s it, keep going, I’ll let you know when it’s far enough.… …Read More »

Permission granted :)

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permission granted

Sometimes you need a little visit from the Permission Fairy. She is the one who lifts your vibration and helps you get over the hurdle. She must be invited into the space. Humble hearts are best. When you ask her to visit, she will come along with her magic wand and bring her permission sparkles. The sparkles will help you to remember: You are a precious gem, your happiness matters. And you have full permission to live your life shining unapologetically. You have permission to say no and yes. Permission… …Read More »

Set a boundary, save a life: how to set boundaries and conserve your energy (with video and audio)

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how to set boundaries and conserve your energy

Do you ever have the situation where you want and need to say NO to someone but feel the difficulty of it weighing you down? How do you handle setting boundaries so you conserve your own energy? My friend recently said to me, Just finished a call with X. I love him, but I’m exhausted. He seems lonely. I need to protect myself from the drain next time. I too had a call from our friend X yesterday. Yes, he was lonely. And yes, I could completely understand the drain and… …Read More »