The Magic Dojo

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There is a place inside you called the Magic Dojo. It’s a very special place. A sacred space. You were born with this Dojo right inside your heart. There is nothing you need to do to earn the right to visit. You know how I’m often calling you a Spark of the Divine? Well, this is where that spark lives… right there in the Magic Dojo of your heart. Meet Dojo Birdie, the Ass Kicker of Light. I affectionately call my spark, ‘Dojo Birdie, the Ass Kicker of Light.’ I… …Read More »

Making Peace with Scarcity and Lack

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Making peace with scarcity and lack

I have been having a conversation with some of the Love Posse about jealousy and scarcity and the story that there isn’t enough to go around. Conversations about how this one or that one has struck gold and published their book and is receiving renown. Conversations about how it makes us sometimes feel like we are never ever gonna make it…and how unfair it all feels and how it seems it’s only about who you know. And all of the good spots are taken. And surely it must be too… …Read More »

Inspiration for your wishful daydreams: what to do when you’re feeling hopelessly landlocked

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wishful daydreams

I love an adventure. I’d call myself a thrill seeker. Learning to kite-board in Cozumel, whale watching off the Baja coast, and fire walking during a sacred ceremony in the mountains of West Virginia are just a few of the times I felt excited and alive.  And I love to feel alive. Yes, sometimes that crazy wild thrill seeker in me has gotten herself  into trouble. Like the time I took my mother’s car for a joy ride before I knew how to drive and couldn’t get the car back… …Read More »

Are obstacles holding you back? Here’s how you overcome them – part 1

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Are obstacles holding you back? How to overcome them

Picture yourself standing at a powerful crossroads. In one direction lies the old familiar territory of your life. In the other there’s an uncharted path leading in the direction of your deepest longings. There is fear as you contemplate the obstacles in either direction. So, which road do you choose? In one direction there’s all the old and familiar stuff. In the new one is this Promise of Maybe…but there might be snakes and zombies that way too. How obstacles hold us back You’ve got dreams. You feel desire and… …Read More »

Rock it Like You Mean it: The Self-Care Manifesto

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Self Care manifesto

My blogging friends, Michelle Ward and Jessica Swift asked me to share some of my thoughts on self-care in honor of their new book, The Declaration of You! (woo hoo!). I believe in you. I know you are here to do something amazing in your life. If you are serious about getting to where you want to be, you’ve gotta have focus and clarity. So today, I am sharing my own super duper self-care manifesto with you. This is how I personally rock it like I mean it in life,… …Read More »

Searching for Treasure – Staying the Course in Scary Times

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Sometimes while searching for treasure it

Sometimes while searching for treasure it’s hard to trust that you’re actually on the right path. It can get scary when it seems there are no recognizable landmarks. You start second guessing yourself. You feel tempted to turn back. Sometimes you panic, and give up. You burn the map, abandon ship. That’s when you need a friend to say: Don’t give up. Trust there is treasure. Stay the course. You are the compass – your joy, your truth, your sense of freedom will always show you the way. Besides, a… …Read More »

Your Unique Spark in the World

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You are here to contribute your unique spark in the world. There is no body else on the planet who can rock it quite like you can. You are the only one. There’s just something about you that makes you special. It’s time to let yourself shine. You were created on purpose. No part of you is an accident. You could never be an accident. There is a purpose and plan for your life. The world is counting on you to contribute your special spark! You were meant to be… …Read More »