I am an artist. The end.

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I am an artist. The end.

I am an artist (it’s taken me a while to own it). 45 years ago, I created my first art project. Ok, that’s not completely true because there was an earlier project known as the Poop Incident but for the purposes of this post, I’ll spare you the details. My official first art project was the Magnificent I Love You Mom Hair Plate. I’ve had all those years to ponder how my creative spark and heartfelt expression of love could ever have been misunderstood. I am an artist my art… …Read More »

The People Who Treat You Badly and What to Do About It // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 35

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What do you do about the people who don’t treat you right? How do we not go to kookytown getting so upset and handle what we need to handle without throwing ourselves under the bus? In this episode, I’m talking about all the scenarios–from strangers to friends to family members, and share ideas on what to do with your upset and how to not let it ruin your day. Today’s inspiration comes from Mr. Joel Osteen who gave me one of the best quotes ever. This week’s letter comes from… …Read More »

Honoring what is (vs. pushing the plan)

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honoring what is

I woke up this morning with my goals in mind Meditate, do my practices, eat yummy breakfast, take a walk, work a little in the garden and then write this week’s post (I was going to tell you about the wildest miracle manifesting story I have ever experienced firsthand), then see some awesome clients in the afternoon, and then dinner with my husband. Fun day, full day, packed day, busy day. No time for deviations – just stick to the plan day. And then I got the email. A very… …Read More »

Release the Elephants! How to Avoid Family Drama During the Holidays

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Release the Elephants! How to Avoid Family Drama During the Holidays

Here’s how to shift your perspective and let go of the upsets family drama can bring. Especially now at this time of year when things seem particularly challenging. Nothing brings on the elephants like a holiday season. (do you know that saying, the elephant in the living room?) The elephant stands there in the middle of the room while people gather around and pretend it isn’t there. The elephant seems to be blowing a trumpet of truth and discomfort and sometimes even leaves you yukky “presents” on the floor… but… …Read More »

It’s OK If It Wasn’t Good. You Can Stop Pretending.

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It’s OK If It Wasn’t Good. It’s OK to Stop Pretending.

My mother’s funeral. The thing I remember most was my near constant desire to lunge at the microphone WWF style and shout something very un-eulogy like. All of the people there, these “close, special friends,” most of whom I did not know at all inside this massive church, telling me how my mother was THEEEE MOST wonderful woman in the world. And then they’d gush about how she’d light up whenever she spoke about me. How proud she was! Loved me so much! Light of her world! I wanted to… …Read More »

Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here…

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sell crazy someplace else

I got an email a while back from a relative and then I had a hot and prickly stomachache for two days. This person, my uncle, had subscribed to my newsletter list and although I kind-of-sort-of noticed the name, I didn’t really put two and two together; it’s not like his name is Zebulon or anything. After his receiving a few of the weekly love notes I send to The Love Posse, he sent this scathing reply: Shame on you Robin, you can’t even bother to write a personal note… …Read More »

Love is the Medicine

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love is the medicine

I woke up this morning to hear the news about the bombings in Brussels. I stopped what I was doing, took a deep centering breath, placed my hands on my heart and prayed. I asked that everyone involved, touched, connected to this happening be surrounded in light. I asked that the suffering would be eased, and the healing take place. I asked that the highest and best possible outcome for all concerned happen now. And then I turned off the TV and began sending love. Whenever I thought about Brussels,… …Read More »

Our Dads Were on a Journey Too

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I was baking cookies when my aunt called to say that my dad had died. She had to repeat herself twice. And the shock of it all was so much that I burned my arm on the oven rack, forgetting to use the oven mitts. I still have the scar along the inside of my forearm. It was Christmas time, and our household was in the midst of Gingerbread House Party preparations. People were coming and this wasn’t supposed to be happening now. I had been calling my dad for… …Read More »

Be Your Very Own Mama

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I am told I give amazing hugs and yet I still cannot comfortably imagine hugging my own mother. The limitations of our relationship were greater than great and eventually there came a time in my journey when I hit a wall which seemed to say, Robin, this is as far as you can go as long as you need your mother to stay “mother” to you. If you continue to need her to be “mother” then forever this is the “daughter” you will remain and the possibilities for your ease… …Read More »

Healing Our Wounded Inner Child: Welcoming Ourselves into the World.

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Healing our inner child

At some point along the journey I make with clients, we begin to talk about the way we were welcomed into the world. The way we were welcomed initially. The stories we have about it. Who we were, what we were like, what it was all like. And no matter who I talk to, I have found that there is a very significant thread between our birth stories (or the conception stories) and the deep-seated story that the little child inside us carries about who we are. When we spin… …Read More »

Healing Those Holiday Blues

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Healing those Holiday Blues

Thanksgiving is coming and I’ll be honest with you. The holiday that’s about gathering with friends and family to give thanks hasn’t always been easy for me. Hard as I’d try to focus on what I was thankful for, I’d get hung up on the stuff that seemed to suck the life out of the holiday for me. I missed my parents who had passed away. I missed my friends and family who were too far away to visit. There were people I wasn’t speaking to (and some not speaking… …Read More »

Will History Repeat Itself? Mothers and Daughters (Healing Insights)

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Will history repeat itself? Have you ever had the fear you would make the same mistakes your parents made with you? Did you grow up promising yourself: I will never EVER do that to my kid? I did too 🙂 And then, I watched in horror while I did the exact same things my parents did to me! Hi Robin, I’ve always had a weird relationship with my mother to the point I cut off all contact with her for years thinking that was the solution. I’m now a mother and… …Read More »