Enlightenment Is Really Just Remembering

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Enlightenment Is Really Just Remembering

“Wow, I am so surprised to hear that you still struggle with this!” I had been sharing about my bouts with depression and this person commented that they were so surprised to hear that I still struggled after all this time. And honestly, it pissed me off for a while — when people talk down at you as if their shit is all together and yours isn’t, it can be a bit triggering. (ahem, especially when from where you’re standing, it is so not the case) And then I touched in with… …Read More »

Send Your Love, Not Your Worries

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Send your love, not your worries

This is a drawing of Ganesha I am working on. Although he is often considered the remover of obstacles, he also places obstacles in the path of those who need them 😉 I am in a position of loving people through difficult things Sometimes people witnessing those going through the difficult time will say to me: But what can I do?! I am so far away, I don’t really know what I can offer. These sweet friends will be sitting with guilt and worry and not really know what to… …Read More »

Our Dads Were on a Journey Too

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I was baking cookies when my aunt called to say that my dad had died. She had to repeat herself twice. And the shock of it all was so much that I burned my arm on the oven rack, forgetting to use the oven mitts. I still have the scar along the inside of my forearm. It was Christmas time, and our household was in the midst of Gingerbread House Party preparations. People were coming and this wasn’t supposed to be happening now. I had been calling my dad for… …Read More »