Knowing Your Purpose: You Have to Play to Win

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For all of you here in the Love Posse who sometimes tap the pain of not knowing what your purpose and mission is, this is my gentle love bomb to you. May it go to just the right hearts today. There is a purpose and mission for your life. You are not exempt. You haven’t been forgotten. You are right here on the inner circle, front and center with all of us. You are here to shine a light in the world. Your very own light. Not my light, not… …Read More »

Your Kindness Is Not a Permission Slip

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People don’t always understand what they’re asking of you. When they want a little something extra, they’re not thinking about what this little extra will cost you. They’re not considering what their thinly veiled demand will mean to your sanctuary. They’re trying to to get under the rope because they believe it matters. When we’re upset, we get a little messy. And we handle things badly. We all forget about common courtesies from time to time. BUT. That’s no excuse. You can’t let people run you over. Your kindness is… …Read More »

Your Life’s Purpose Revealed

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what is your life

I am often asked to tell people what their purpose in life is. Who am I really? Why am I here? What am I meant to do? What is my life’s purpose? How do I get to where I want to be? Will my dream manifest? The real deal is that you are most definitely here on purpose. There is definitely a reason you came. No, you are not lost in the shuffle and you haven’t been forgotten. There is a unique vibration you are meant to share with the… …Read More »

Don’t Let This Crap Get You Down

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How to stop being so uptight and enjoy life

No matter what, this moment now is pretty effing awesome but I really get how hard it is to be in that place when you are feeling anxious and uptight about what is happening in your life. Our mind can zero in on some major crappenings and refuse to let go. The topics it can get stuck on are plentiful, from bills to messes to broken things to dramas to upset people and their complaints and all the stupidity and the way they can project their crap onto you… and… …Read More »

How to Stop Chasing Rainbows and Find the Treasure Within

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Whenever I hear the Adele song Chasing Pavements I usually goof and sing, “should I give up or should I just keep chasing rainbows…” That’s probably because chasing rainbows is something I know a lot about. I’m sure most of us do. There’s a suffering story we carry inside–maybe it’s about us or maybe it’s about our lives–and that suffering prods us to search for an answer. Or a fix. Or a complete overhaul. Some kind of cure. Maybe it’s a training, or an exercise program, or a financial Roto-Rooter. We’re… …Read More »

Here’s to the Dark Angels in Our Lives

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what to do when you're upset

Here’s to the dark angels in our lives who come to wake us up. They bring their stinky gifts…the ones which whisper to our parts on the verge of readiness to advance. Stinky gifts which come in crappy packaging, and require some work before we can get to the good part. What I am talking about when I say, Dark Angel: • The mother in law who seems blind to the beauty and delight of your amazing children • The guy who constantly speaks to you like you’re an idiot… …Read More »

Want Your Happiness More Than Your Upset

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want your happiness more than the upset

On why we need to stop honoring our suffering like it’s the most important thing happening everrrrr and how to stop freaking yourself out in a bad way. Want your happiness more than the upset. It’s something I talk about with friends often. And I love it when my friends say, but how how how? How can I want the happiness and peace when my upset is all I can think about? How can I sit here and wish for joy when my heart feels like it’s being ripped out… …Read More »

Sometimes, life opens us like a flower

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how to handle it when life opens you up

Sometimes, life opens us like a flower. Usually it’s in response to something we’ve been praying for. Something we’ve been working so hard to open up on the inside; something we’ve cried and cried about because we just cannot find the effing doorway. We can’t find it, and we can’t find it, and we can’t find it.   And then suddenly we are opened up. And when it happens, it is so wild, so radical, so moving… for a moment all you can do is stand there stunned. There are… …Read More »

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

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manifesting your heart

  Hello sweet Friend! This is a little love bomb on manifesting your heart’s desires. As awakened peeps on the journey, it is important to develop an understanding of our own issues around manifesting. Do you believe you deserve the life you would love to be living? Are you living a day to day experience you feel proud to claim? Is it okay for you to put your needs first? Do you believe the blessings rain down upon you? These are just a few of the issues I help people… …Read More »

Life Is So Short, Let’s Make the Very Most of It!

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Life is precious and short, let

I am not sure when we decided that happiness is like dessert–optional and occasional but only allowed once you’ve eaten your peas and carrots. (blech) Life is precious and short, let’s make the very most of it! What fills you up is what needs to be the priority in your life. I am talking about filling the cells of your body with a vibration of joy. A feeling of excitement and delight that says, YES! I love the life I am living, people!! And gives you an inner sensation of… …Read More »

The Abundance Series: Going Under the Mountain

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The Abundance Series: Healing Our Money Stories

One of my favorite parts of The Lord of The Rings movie is when the fellowship is making their way over the Misty Mountains. They’re being led by Gandalf the Grey, attempting to cross the tallest, most perilous peak called Caradhras but the snow is too deep and it’s beginning to feel treacherous. The poor little hobbits are barely able to make it; there’s a bad magic at work. Earlier, the dwarf Gimli, Son of Gloin, suggested they not take this route and instead go under the mountain through the… …Read More »

You Can Trust Your Journey

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I am writing this post to offer a little love and encouragement to you as you continue this journey of waking up. You are doing such great work, already there is so much transforming in your life. I know it’s difficult sometimes to trust your journey, so let’s take this a little bit further, shall we? 🙂 Sometimes we can’t see that we’re stuck in the kiddie pool when what we really want is the experience of an ocean. We worry about the details. It can be difficult to trust… …Read More »

When You’re Fed Up with Your Own Suffering

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I’ve been staring at a blinking cursor for most of the day today. I texted my friends. Help me write something, I’m so sick of my own crap about writing. I’m SO sick of suffering with this, I thought to myself, this is embarrassing already. Talk about how to move past it, they said. Talk about what the little gremlins are saying. Ugh. Of course, they told me to write about being sick of my own crap. OF COURSE THEY DID! This is exactly what I’d tell them too. I… …Read More »

Making Peace with Scarcity and Lack

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Making peace with scarcity and lack

I have been having a conversation with some of the Love Posse about jealousy and scarcity and the story that there isn’t enough to go around. Conversations about how this one or that one has struck gold and published their book and is receiving renown. Conversations about how it makes us sometimes feel like we are never ever gonna make it…and how unfair it all feels and how it seems it’s only about who you know. And all of the good spots are taken. And surely it must be too… …Read More »

The story you aren’t telling because of the one you are…

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How to Change Your Life

  Sometimes you tell toxic stories about who you are and what is possible for your life. This does not serve you and I would like you to stop doing this. Please. These stories are too small for you, they don’t fit anymore. You can always tell these kinds of stories by the way they suck the life right out of you. They are heavy and you feel scared and lost, or concerned about what other people think, or worried that you’ve made such horrible mistakes it is too late for… …Read More »