The Gazinta Principle

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The Gazinta Principle

There’s a word I use when speaking to the way it feels when we know in our bones that something is right for us. This thing we are doing (or want to do) is a match to the way we feel on our insides about who we are and what we are HERE to do. The feeling indicates YES. Our very own kind of YES. The word I use for this is GAZINTA. And from this feeling, we know with big certainty that this is a right-for-us thing. Even when… …Read More »

How to be Yourself. You Are Not Just a Good Little Sheepie.

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How to Be Yourself. The Story of the Rainbow Colored Unicorn Sheepie.

On how to be yourself and confidently love who you are and break free from of the herd of everyone else. May this go to just the right hearts today. All your life you tried to be the good little sheepie. From the time you were a baby ewe, you tried to fit in with the flock, dutifully doing the things that the other sheepies did. You ate grass. You stayed close to the herd. You perfected your “bah.” You wanted to be good. But sometimes, from the somewhere deep… …Read More »

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

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Sometimes we refuse the right to be beautiful, creative, talented, and unique. Rather than shining our light, we expend enormous amounts of our personal energy trying to hold it in, tone it down, keep it quiet. We are humble and demure. We dumb ourselves down at the exact moment when we need to shine. There are people you encounter who could truly use some of your sunshine. Maybe it’s a smile or a kind word or some other kind of wonderfulness that only you can bring. This cannot happen if… …Read More »