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Hello, sweet friend! Here you will find powerful tools for your spiritual development straight from my heart to yours. Enjoy! XX Robin

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Shop robin hallett your own personal healing mixtape a custom compilation for your specific situation

An audio recording just for you, from my heart to yours.

Receive a personal healing, intention, mantra, + prayer for your specific situation.

I will create this personal mixtape of love and healing for you with answers to your questions and concerns. At checkout, you'll be directed to a confidential form where you can let me know what you are needing most at this time.

This is a recording you can receive again and again. Always, this mixtape will help you in the ways you need it most, every time you listen. You'll feel hugged and receive strength and support, and most of all tap into your best self.

**YES! Can be given as a gift.

**you'll receive a form after checkout where you can let me know the things you feel you need most at this time.

**Please allow 1-2 weeks for me to create this for you. Sorry, no refunds on digital products.

What people are saying:

"Thank you for this beautiful mixtape! My favorite part is the prayer at the end. Wow, I felt such a positive shift and your voice is so soothing. You really helped to remove some fear for me. The meditation is perfect and I have listened to it several times."

"Hi Robin, my friend Cheryl got this for me as a birthday gift, I have been feeling down and afraid about my future and wow, what a great gift to receive. You manage to turn it all around. I have been choosing to be afraid instead of choosing to be free. Thank you so much."

"Thank you, Robin. This is quite a treat. I'm already excited to listen again! You have such a calming voice!"

"WOW. This mixtape is Divine timing, thank you!! I am just home after many days of not taking myself into account, I am definitely putting myself first!"

"Thank you for your wisdom and your light. My friend Summer gifted me this mixtape because I've been really struggling with letting go. This came at the perfect time. Thank you for the practical steps in the meditation. Thank you for your wisdom and for being you! You are a light sparkler."

"Robin, I adore my mixtape! Thank you SO much! One of the many things I love so hard about your work is that your amazing Robinisms make it so memorable! And that makes it easier to remember. I've made so much progress since finding your work. And your voice, so soothing. I feel like all my problems have melted away."

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Shop robin hallett the healing pracitioner course for healers life coaches and more

The Healing Practitioner's Course

My wish for you is to have a heart-centered business that is not only successful but serves the world in a way you feel good about – one that’s on-mission with your spirit and aligned with your purpose.

I’ve been working as a healer since 2001, both on and offline. In that time, I have learned how to have a business I feel so proud to claim as my own.

In my practice, I see other healers, entrepreneurs, dreamers, visionaries… I help people get to where they most want to be by addressing the obstacles and challenges we all face on the journey. I see my work as a deep honor and privilege.

In this course, I will give you the foundation you need so that you feel empowered, aligned, and ready to go!

What people say:

“This is such a lovely course for anyone in a healing profession…for anyone at all, really. Robin Hallett is such a luminous soul and teacher.” —Molly Larkin, Life Coach, Writer, Mama

“In this course, Robin shares video lessons that covered areas specific to those of us on our journey as Healers. I was blown away by the very first video!  My first impression was “WOW! This woman is so accessible and so real!”  I honestly don’t know when I’ve ever encountered a person with so much presence.  I could see all this love and light radiating from her eyes.  And her words also were full of so much love and support.” —Martha Montour, Writer and Coach

“I’ve just watched the first 2 lessons of your healing practitioner course and it is so helpful, so incredibly helpful. I felt your warmth coming through. I kept thinking about what you said about being authentic and consistent and shining your light, I want to be that way too. So much about these lessons has made me see new possibilities that I wasn’t believing were possible, till now. Thank you thank you.” — KG

“A heartfelt thank you for this beautiful course. Each video was a precious gift wrapped in your radiant presence. Not only was it inspiring, it was also entertaining.” — Jemma




shop robin hallett lightworker love course self paced healing and entrepreneur journey course

This one’s for you, wooboo.

You’re a heart-centered coach, helper, consultant, or freelancer who’s interested in rocking the inner journey too.

You want to REMEMBER who you truly are

and FEEL GOOD about what you’re doing

as you GO FOR MORE of what you’re wanting.

You want to SHINE BRIGHT

and LOVE YOURSELF in the way that pierces the ups and downs

…and forever become YOUR VERY OWN LIGHT SPARKLER.

Let’s face it. You’re already pretty freaking amazeballs!

And I know there is more you are wanting for yourself too.

This series has everything to do with getting you where you truly long to be.

What people are saying:


“I have learned so much from Robin and I count her as one of the finest, most powerful, and most truly transformative teachers I have been blessed to know.  If you’re thinking of joining the circle, let me encourage you.  In the light of her loving focus and X-ray beam of soul-knowing, you, too, will grow and bloom!” — Kate Chadbourne, singer, storyteller, poet, harper, teacher, scholar, and apprentice enchanter


Robin is a unique and gifted teacher and her approach is accessible, warm, and open. She fully shows up and shares her own experiences with courage and irreverent humor, shining a light on the dark places that may seem more difficult to heal and share. During my time in the course, I felt completely connected to the other group members; I consider them friends, colleagues, kindred spirits and mentors, and Robin engenders all of these qualities in herself and in all of us, helping us bring the best of ourselves to our clients and each other.” — Eithne Egan, Life Coach, Postpartum Doula

"Robin, the content from this course has been so wonderful! I am soaking in your words and what you shared in the video. I feel such a sense of peace about stepping out into the spotlight. You are saying all the things I really needed to hear and really "get" fully. Thank goodness I found you!" - CMH

"This is my second time watching the series and I had to come and say I LOVE IT! It is real, authentic, no bullsh+t and manageable too. I love you Robin for your authenticity and humor." -WA

"My favorite part of this course was YOU. You made it feel so intimate and it's like you're just talking to me. You acknowledge what it's really like, instead of blowing smoke about how it could be. You really show up, you stand firm, and you help me heal. Thank you!" -- WAC



shop robin hallett love in a bottle healing spray


Love in a Bottle Healing Elixer Spray

I created this to use for clients at the end of their healing sessions. To cleanse the energy field and restore good juju. People wanted to buy it for their own use! I could hardly say no.

Think about all the people you come into contact with in a day. Imagine the energy you pick up from those events, stories, gossip, interactions.

It isn't hard to imagine that you'd need to clean your field once in a while.

How to use

Spray a light mist around your body, and in any space that needs cleansing. Use the spray as often as you like.

What's in it?

  • Therapeutic grade Young Living Essential Oils
  • Flower Essence Society Flower Essences
  • Crystal Quartz Gemstones
  • Natural Sea Salt
  • LOVE!

What does it smell like?

Liquid YUM YUM! Light, clean, and fresh citrus notes combine with an earthy scent. Perfect for women and men, and great for all spaces.


What people say:

"I ordered just the small bottle of this because I am sensitive to a lot of fragrances and worried that it might be too perfumey for me, but I just loved the idea of love in a bottle so wanted to try it. lol. It turned out that the fragrance is very light and a bit like citric. The spray seems to clear the air around me and it feels very refreshing. Love it."

"I love my "Love in a Bottle" - thank you so much! It smells heavenly and I feel the cleansing love already!"

"OOOOOH! I love this, Robin! Thank you!"

"Hi, Robin thank you for making this! I love it and can't do without. This one's for the office - LOL :)"

"I received a bottle of "love in a Bottle" as a gift, and I keep replenishing my supply. This stuff is incredible goodness. I had to tell you. Thanks!"

"I thought you'd like to know that this order is going all the way to my friends in Africa as a wedding gift. Thank you so much, we love our Love Spray!"

“It’s like having a little bit of heaven at hand. Just in case. And no need to break the glass to get to it!” JoAnn, Illinois

“One of my favorite parts of a session with you is being spritzed with this amazing spray- I’ve been telling you forever to start selling it- hallelujah!!” Terry, Illinois

“I got a bottle for the office, because you KNOW how it’s been over here! The other day I saw my boss sniffing the bottle, and he asked me about it. Now we’ve got a community bottle that everyone can use, thank you Robin!” Sheryl, Illinois

“Thank you so much for the LOVE! We love using the spray! It is very freshening!” Kerry, Utah

“I just got your “Love” in a bottle and it smells Amazing. I love it. It was so wonderful because I just got my new comforter back from the dry cleaners and it was the first to get spritzed. : ) Thanks for the Love.” Dale, Indiana

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