Healing Intensives with Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Counselor

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6 Month Healing Intensive with Robin

How it works: You and I will be riding together three times a month for six months. I call this a healing intensive but it's really the doorway to everywhere you long to be. We are doing to do the work to set you free in all the best ways.

We will choose the day + time of the week which works best for you and set it up in advance, meeting three times on that day/time per month. (for friends who travel to see me, it’s also possible to meet three hours on one day instead).

I am available to you in between appointments via email, text, or phone (for up to two check-ins).

Payment (subscription option): You will be billed $350 each month for eight months plus an initial set-up fee of $25.

Payment commitment (subscription option): In the event that all installments are not paid, the payments already made will be counted toward sessions at the single rate ($185/session). If there is time left over, you can schedule that anytime before our originally planned six-month finale at the full rate of $185/session.

Sessions cannot be transferred or sold to another person. No refunds will be issued.

Rescheduling / canceling appointments: I understand life happens! Three reschedules are included in your plan.

My little robot will confirm your session 48 hours in advance and there will always be a rescheduling link included. Depending upon what open sessions I have available in the next few weeks, we will reschedule. If you are unable to reschedule, and also after three reschedules, all sessions will be counted. I am holding this space just for us. I appreciate your understanding.

If you know sooner than that, say a vacation is happening, for example, please reach out to me and we will find another time together.

Scheduling + package expiration date: All sessions must be scheduled AND used within the 6 month period, any unused sessions will be considered forfeit after that time. In fairness to every other client who honors this policy, I am unable to make an exception. Please be sure you schedule your time accordingly.

Confidentiality: I am the only person who will ever read, respond, answer your email, texts, or calls. What’s shared in session stays in session. Our container is sacred. For that reason, I employ a little robot to handle email schedules and reminders...

Robin’s robot: My friend the robot will be sending you a copy of this information + your paid certificate + payment plan as soon as you sign up for this program. It will also be sending you reminder emails to confirm our appointments.

Session nitty gritty

What to expect in a healing session with me? Visit here.

What happens once you schedule your appointment:

My little Robot will be in touch with you to confirm your appointment via the email address you used when scheduling. This email contains session connection info (virtual sessions) as well as the in-person session address.

A session reminder will be emailed to you 36 hours before your appointment.

Sessions may be rescheduled up to 24 hours prior to your appointment using the confirmation email or the reminder email, both have links near the bottom to do this. Or, email Robin at hello at robinhallett dot com to do so. Sessions cannot be canceled less than 24 hours to appointment time. Should you miss your appointment entirely, it will be considered forfeit.

Paid sessions are non-refundable but may be used up to 90 days from original purchase.

Packages. All sessions must be used within the time frame of the package. In fairness to everyone else who honors this policy, I am unable to make an exception. Please schedule accordingly. Sessions are non-transferable. No refunds will be issued.