Holistic Creative Circle Series: Art Heals with Robin Hallett


Hello sweet Friends!

I am teaching in a beautiful ‘spirit art healing’ program this year — I feel super honored to have been asked especially because art has been such a healer on my own journey and I still feel so excited and relieved and blessed that somehow, someway, art came to mind when I was at my lowest and often contemplating some really dark things.

So I am posting this here for you today because I was thinking you might want to check it out for your own journey.

Art heals. Art is a healer. And when you allow yourself to create, you are healed in the process.

I wanted to share with you a conversation I had with Hali Karla in celebration of our upcoming Spectrum Arts 2016 Holistic Creative Journaling offering.

In this chat we discuss creativity and grief (I share a personal story about making art when my mom died), navigating the dark storms of life, as well as the territory of when and what to share from a personal creative practice.



Very simply, Spectrum 2016 is an online multi-media workshop & community, with weekly inspiration and exclusive classes for your creative practice & holistic awareness, including mixed-media art lessons, writing prompts and holistic-centered perspectives & activities from 45 contributors.


For those of you who might be interested in taking this journey with me of expressing yourself with words or through mixed-media {art}making as a way to access, celebrate and awaken what feels invigorating, meaningful and vital to you, please trust your gut and >> join us right here.


In Spectrum you are offered:

  • 20 in-depth mixed-media / journaling lessons from the brilliant and inspiring 2016 featured guest teachers
  • 10+ new bonus offerings, lessons and invitations to keep your inspiration flowing – from a spectacular group of returning contributors
  • 3 creative practice lessons with Spectrum organizer, Hali Karla, to help you begin your Spectrum journey, keep it fun and sustaining, and wrap it up with closure and vision
  • Access to more than 15 of the popular lessons from previous years, to re-visit or spark your journaling practice – also from our 25 returning contributors

We begin on May 2, 2016 and new content will be released weekly for 22 weeks!




My workshop will focus on healing your inner child and I just loved creating it for you!


Join us in Spectrum 2016, for a holistic-creative journey that will nurture, spark and expand the ways you explore your heart’s truth, honor your expressive nature and engage with your soul’s calling. To learn more about the details, including all of the contributors and workshop offerings for this course click right here.

same cray cray different day by robin hallett

May this serve you my friends! I’d love to see what you’re inspired to do and try, can’t wait to see!




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