The People Who Treat You Badly and What to Do About It // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 35

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What do you do about the people who don’t treat you right? How do we not go to kookytown getting so upset and handle what we need to handle without throwing ourselves under the bus? In this episode, I’m talking about all the scenarios–from strangers to friends to family members, and share ideas on what to do with your upset and how to not let it ruin your day. Today’s inspiration comes from Mr. Joel Osteen who gave me one of the best quotes ever. This week’s letter comes from… …Read More »

Healthy Boundaries and How to Set Them Even When It’s Scary And Nobody Understands Why You’re Upset // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 34

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robin hallett intuitive healer setting boundaries

If you ask me, we spend way too much time worrying about things that other people might do or say in response to us being who we are. We worry about the perfect way to be in order to avoid upsetting anyone else and because of that we end up doing things we don’t want to be doing. We say yes when we mean no. We pretend to care when we don’t. We act interested when we aren’t. And in those times when we speak up and do what we… …Read More »

Be Your Own Wingman, Have Your Own Back // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 33

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You are the perfect person to have your own back. You know the ins and outs of YOU. You’ve been there through the highs and lows. Wild but true: Even when you can’t exactly articulate what’s wrong, you still know exactly what it is you need to hear to get you through. Listen here or wherever you enjoy podcasts 🙂 Episode 33: Wingman, Promise, #caregivervibes In today’s episode: Are you being the perfect wingman for you? Are you honoring and kind and loving or are you just now hearing that… …Read More »

The Poopy Voice in Your Head Is Just Ego, Here’s How You Quiet It // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 32

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ego upset by robin hallett

The ego upset and its stinky voice may never go away but we don’t need to freak! Here’s how we deal and love ourselves through it. Listen here or wherever you enjoy podcasts 🙂 Episode 32: Stinky Thinky, Win List, #lightworkerlove Hello, sweet friend! Seriously, it feels like I need to shout out a little VULNERABILITY ALERT for this episode! Hopefully, as you listen along (see the link below) you will realize that you are never the only one who struggles with that voice in your head. In today’s… …Read More »

Are You Remembering Your Spirit? Here’s How to Open up Your Spiritual Side. Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 31

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Are You Remembering Your Spirit? Here’s How to Open up Your Spiritual Side.

Hello, sweet friend! On today’s show, we’re talking about how you can open up your spiritual side. You are a spirit being living a physical life. Are you remembering? I talk about why it’s so important to remember your spirit and even more, why you need to own your middle. I’ll be sharing how we can honor both parts of ourselves. Listen here or wherever you enjoy podcasts 🙂 Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 31: You and the Woo, #notimetolose2 We’ll talk about how to not be so enmeshed in… …Read More »

How to Deal with Resistance and Why It’s Probably Not as Horrible as Everyone Says. Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 30

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Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 30: Resistance, Grinder, #milblues Hello, sweet friend! On today’s episode I’m talking about: Resistance. What it is and isn’t and how to deal with it. And why everybody’s got it a little bit (or they used to!). Books on spirituality that do a good job of not being too heavy and telling great stories too. Today’s letter: What to do with your Mother-in-Law Blues. How sometimes people in our lives are Dark Angels helping us to grow. Got any difficult people in your life? Spiritual… …Read More »

Tea with Robin: A podcast with Intuitive Healer, Robin Hallett

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Hello to our amazing Love Posse, I’m so excited to share my new podcast with you. Welcome to Tea with Robin: A Podcast with Intuitive Energy Healer, Robin Hallett. It’s called Tea with Robin because I’ve been having tea with friends in healing sessions for the better part of 20 years and there are so many yummy stories and perspectives to share. This is a podcast about life and healing and getting to work on the places in you which feel less than shiny, sparkly, and raring to go. I am… …Read More »

A Gentle Musing on Choosing Powerfully from me to you ;)

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robin hallett choosing to manifest powerfully

Hello sweet Friend! This morning, I got the hit from Spirit to record a little message for our Posse. So here it is, a little special message for you, I recorded in my pj’s…hope you don’t mind the bed-head 😉 I wanted to share a gentle musing with you on manifesting and choosing your energy and vibes powerfully. Because life is precious, and you can have what you are longing to have from a heart centered place but you must choose intentionally. May this serve you in all the best… …Read More »

Holistic Creative Circle Series: Art Heals with Robin Hallett

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  Hello sweet Friends! I am teaching in a beautiful ‘spirit art healing’ program this year — I feel super honored to have been asked especially because art has been such a healer on my own journey and I still feel so excited and relieved and blessed that somehow, someway, art came to mind when I was at my lowest and often contemplating some really dark things. So I am posting this here for you today because I was thinking you might want to check it out for your own… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: Forgiving Yourself

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self forgiveness forgiving yourself

Hello beautiful Friend! Please join me for a powerful 5 minute healing meditation on forgiveness. This week’s meditation focuses on self-forgiveness Forgiveness towards yourself. There are things you hold against yourself; ways you judge yourself so harshly; unkindnesses you continue to supply to your own beautiful heart. Please join me for this powerful meditation. Transcript is below.   This is a meditation for your own spirit. A forgiveness meditation for the things you hold against yourself; the unkindness you continue to supply to your own beautiful heart. Take a deep… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: How to Deal with Your Worry About Abundance

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worrying about abundance

Hello beautiful Friend! You may not know that I sit for guidance before each video I record. I ask what it is I can share with you that will best uplift and support your journey NOW. Two things came to me today: 1) the story of abundance 2) the story you tell about how you’re not okay Today’s meditation is about trusting and knowing that all is well; despite the stories around abundance and honoring your money, the story of you earning or not earning, the story of you being… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: Activating the Entrepreneur Heart Light

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How to activate the Entrepreneur Heart Light

  Hello beautiful friend the guided meditation today is going to be for you entrepreneurs and creatives and artists and teachers and coaches who are in business for yourselves and are searching for the center point in what it is you are supposed to be doing. May this offering go to just the right hearts today.   How to activate the Entrepreneur Heart Light Closing your eyes and turning to your breathing, imagine that you are connected to the center of the earth by an energy thread. It could be… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: How to Receive Guidance

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how to receive guidance

Hello friends! Today we’re talking about receiving guidance. How do you receive guidance in your own way? Each of us has an internal GPS–a guidance system–which guides us and directs us, and informs our best direction to travel. This GPS lives inside each and every one of us… it’s in our heart and gut. But if that’s really the case (and it most definitely is!) why is it so hard to follow our own guidance? If you’re like me, there’s been a lot of distortion in your life. The people… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: What to do When You’re Upset

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What to do When You

Hello friends, it’s me Robin. How are you today? The meditation offering today is on dealing with our upset; I’m going to help you know what to do when you’re upset. Take a moment or two to focus on your breathing and then go inside and find and upset you’re having right now. Don’t ask your brain, ask your belly… ask your heart, what’s here now? It could be anything. Perhaps there’s a conflict you’re having or something you’re trying to do is proving to be way harder than it… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: Dreaming Big, Dragons and Well Done

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dreaming big and calling in what you

Hello beautiful Friend! Today we’re talking about dreaming big and the dragons which show up trying to block the path. You calling in exactly what you’d love has everything to do with your ability to dream. You manifesting has everything to do with your ability imagine. Imagine for a moment what it is you want to create in your life. It can be anything at all. Whatever the longings are, this meditation is powerful and helpful for all of us. Close your eyes and go inside yourself and imagine what… …Read More »