How to Handle Your Transformation and Not Fear the Fear

How to handle your transformation and not fear the fear

So you set your intention and asked… and the Universe answered!

Yikes, here comes the major change and upheaval.

Whoa baby, this isn’t feeling so exciting and wonderful anymore. Instead of being delighted, you feel scared and confused and even a little lost.

Now you’re beginning to wonder if you made a mistake.

I mean, isn’t all this fear a sign that you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere?

Nope! Do not fear the fear.

You are in a process of transformation.

So how do you handle your transformation and not fear the fear?

You asked and the Universe answered. Now there is a realigning of energies. More space is opening up for you.

Your energy field is moving some old gunk to the surface that cannot stay in place if you are going to be a vibrational match to your dream.

Some of the old patterns of chaos and drama and negativity are healing and there’s a sense of emptiness where the gunk used to be.

A transformation is taking place. But the small mind (your ego) starts to tell you there must be something wrong.

You have a hundred thoughts in a day like: “There must be something wrong. There must be a problem. I’m not feeling good. I’m not feeling happy. I need to find the problem” and you start looking for the problem rather than trusting that the sense of fear or worry or concern you’re feeling is really transformation masquerading as those things.

That fear or concern or worry you’re feeling could actually be masking a greater sense of power and more of a capacity for you to experience joy in your life. You don’t know how to perceive it yet so the small mind starts to call it by familiar names.

How to handle your transformation and not fear the fearThink of a caterpillar…a little squishy cute butterfly in the making.

It doesn’t know it will become a butterfly…

But somewhere deep in its DNA there is a desire for change and transformation. In a way that caterpillar is dreaming of being a butterfly. It feels a call to fly and be free.

Instead of hanging out on one branch all day, it wants to fly to Mexico! It wants to see the world! It’s dreaming a bigger dream 🙂

healing transformation healing journeyIt’s called to greatness. But it doesn’t KNOW this.

It’s not like a narrative is running in the caterpillar’s head. It just feels this urge to start to cocoon itself.

fear and the transformational healing journey

I imagine that sudden deep urge to hang upside down from a branch and begin to wrap itself in a cocoon would be pretty freaky. I’d feel a panic and I’d cling to what was… perhaps I’d wonder if I was dying. What about you?

The last thing I’d be thinking is, “Oh yippee, this is the path of transformation.”

I’d be wishing for my days as a fat and sassy caterpillar in the sun. Where are my leaves?! I’d be screaming.

We don’t know how to welcome fear as a positive sign of change.

Most of us know what happens on the other side of all the fearful, sweaty nights… but how do you deal with it in the moment as you wake up sweaty and scared, assuming the worst?

It’s easy to get confused by the fear and assume ‘it’s a sign’ that you’re not supposed to move forward! I get a lot of emails that say the same thing: “I thought I was on the right track but I feel so scared and anxious all the time… I must be doing something wrong.”

Handling the transformation process and not fearing the fear is a practice. We can learn to recognize our fear as a sign of change.

Butterfly by Robin Hallett

You are the caterpillar and butterfly 🙂

You feel these longings and this call for something greater and it’s accompanied by a sense of fear and foreboding. The way I see it your job is to stay present with all that could be. Stay excited, stay curious, and gently cocoon that fear. Stay open to it and trust that there is something powerful within the fear that could inform you.

The fear has a message for you.

Hey you! Don’t go back to caterpillar land! Playing it small and making the safe bet is exactly what’s depressing you–that’s the feeling that comes when you hide your dreams away.

You’re a sweet and sassy, cute and squishy little caterpillar with dreams of growing wings so that you can fly.

How can you teach yourself to feel great while you wait? How can you trust that it’s coming?

How can you remindembrace your fear yourself when you get scared that you’re going to be okay?

Once you get to the butterfly stage, you’re usually greatful. Usually you get what it was all about by that time.You feel relieved the struggle is over and you remember your beginnings. How can you get to that point NOW, before it all comes to be?

Here’s a little video love message for you on this very topic. Hope it helps <3

You did not come here to play small. Growing pains are scary. It’s okay. You’re gonna be just fine.









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