How to Freak Yourself out in a Good Way

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Hello beloved, it’s me, Robin, with a special message from Spirit and me – a love bomb to uplift you and inspire you and help you get on track with your truest self. Not your fakey-fakey, woo-woo, ‘I must memorize all the affirmations to keep myself on track’ self, but your real true, awesome, beautiful, sparkly, perfect, creative, unique, SELF. And so this message is called how to freak yourself out in a good way. Think about that for a minute, how often do you go around freaking yourself out… …Read More »

Why We’re Afraid to Shine and How We Can (with video)

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why we

Hello sweet Friend! Just because you were wounded doesn’t mean you can’t shine. It is completely possible for you to shine brightly, confidently, even if you were repeatedly told that you weren’t worth it or made to feel bad for being yourself. Today’s message is about shining brightly and why that’s so darn scary. Many of us were hurt for being ourselves… there we were, shining our light so very brightly, confidently, and right then we were clobbered for revealing our true selves. We were teased, or slapped, or shamed,… …Read More »

The Crack Where the Light Gets In

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The Crack Where The Light Gets In by Robin Hallett

I’ve been spending a lot of time in quiet. Trying to get my bearings, waiting for the ride to slow. I’m reminding myself to breathe, to soften. Giving myself the little extras. I keep asking: Why am I so upset? Part of me is surprised to be feeling this way. As if it’s a problem, an inconvenience. As if some part of me is difficult because I am functioning at less than 100%. And yet, here I am. I can feel there’s this invisible thing I’m trying to find. So… …Read More »

Enlightenment Is Really Just Remembering

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Enlightenment Is Really Just Remembering

“Wow, I am so surprised to hear that you still struggle with this!” I had been sharing about my bouts with depression and this person commented that they were so surprised to hear that I still struggled after all this time. And honestly, it pissed me off for a while — when people talk down at you as if their shit is all together and yours isn’t, it can be a bit triggering. (ahem, especially when from where you’re standing, it is so not the case) And then I touched in with… …Read More »

Broken, but better.

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Broken, but better. Healing from old emotional wounding by robin hallett

As a kid, I often felt helpless and unsafe around the people who were supposed to love me the most. I was at the mercy of their fluctuating moods and addictions. The experience of not being cherished or wanted was ongoing, relentless. My personal work today is sitting with how that wounding gets tweaked now as I meet people who resemble the cast of characters from childhood–the ones who seem unsafe, wildly fluctuating in their moods, addicted, and unable to cherish or respect me. On each of our paths, situations… …Read More »

It’s Your Rodeo, Baby. Are You Getting in That Ring?

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It’s your rodeo, baby. Are you getting in that ring or are you sitting this one out? Either way, the show goes on. If you’re in, best don your hat and grab your gear. You’re going to need it when you ride 🙂 Sure, your fearlessness and bravery will get you up on the horse, but it’s your courage and determination that will see you through to ride another day. Faking it only gets you so far. I am sure plenty of people can pretend to ride a horse…until they… …Read More »

Don’t Let the Turkeys Get You Down

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Or, How to not continue the crazy cycle of trying to please people who will never ever get you or understand you–not to mention why in the eff would we want to try and please the turkeys?! I know there are times when you think you’re too much, or too kooky. You worry about being too this, or too that. Judging who you are instead of lovingly embracing yourself no exceptions. And I am guessing that like me, you got into this bad habit because your people told you in… …Read More »

You Are Both Caterpillar and Butterfly – How Not to Fear the Transformation

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Not Another "Just Suck it Up and Keep Moving Forward" Post

On intentions, manifesting, and getting what you wanted, and the transformational gunk that accompanies the whole process. So you set your intention and the Universe answered! But holy yikes, here comes the major change and upheaval. And now this isn’t feeling so exciting and wonderful anymore. Instead of being delighted and grateful, you are feeling a bit scared and confused about what you were wanting in the first place. Or maybe it’s more that you feel unworthy of this. Or you don’t believe you have your shit together. And you… …Read More »

Ode to Winston the Wonder Dog

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Winston the Wonder Dog

Note from Winston the Wonder Dog: My parents took me to the vet a few weeks ago because they said I was honking too much. After all that poking and one unhappy thermometer experience, it turned out I had cancer. I swear I felt fine, other than the honking. My parents were brave. They made such a fuss over me–way more hot dogs and bacon in my days. And hamburger. And steak. And lots of massages and walks. Basically they let me do whatever I wanted. And yesterday, they were… …Read More »

Want Your Happiness More Than Your Upset

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want your happiness more than the upset

On why we need to stop honoring our suffering like it’s the most important thing happening everrrrr and how to stop freaking yourself out in a bad way. Want your happiness more than the upset. It’s something I talk about with friends often. And I love it when my friends say, but how how how? How can I want the happiness and peace when my upset is all I can think about? How can I sit here and wish for joy when my heart feels like it’s being ripped out… …Read More »

The story you aren’t telling because of the one you are…

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How to Change Your Life

  Sometimes you tell toxic stories about who you are and what is possible for your life. This does not serve you and I would like you to stop doing this. Please. These stories are too small for you, they don’t fit anymore. You can always tell these kinds of stories by the way they suck the life right out of you. They are heavy and you feel scared and lost, or concerned about what other people think, or worried that you’ve made such horrible mistakes it is too late for… …Read More »

Rainbow suspenders are forever, Robin

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for Robin Williams dealing with grief

  My friend texted me to say Robin Williams had taken his own life. Nanu nanu, she said. Rainbow suspenders forever, I said. This amazing, bright, shining, funny man who delighted the world has decided to leave on his own terms. We don’t really know what happened, but for sure it is shockingly sad to hear the news. Sad to imagine how his wife and family are doing. Wherever Robin is now, he gets it. He understands. Death is an experience for the living. We’re the ones experiencing that shock… …Read More »

Resistance is futile. We’re here for tangible joy.

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Happiness by robin hallett

I want to tell you a little story. It’s one I’ve wanted to tell you for a while except for the worry that I’d sound like I drank the Kool-Aid. And as much as I try not to pre-pad my posts with preparatory remarks, I think we need one. Things are about to sound really weird. But maybe only for me. Maybe not for you?! The first time it happened to me, it was the middle of the night. I was deeply asleep one moment, and the next, I wasn’t.… …Read More »

Little birdies need love too: understanding why we numb

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I turned 45 today. I’ve been loving myself so much more fiercely. Which is a good thing because I feel scared as I write this post. I’ve been speaking privately with my subscriber list (aka the Love Posse) about this entire year being about my journey deeper into love and joy. Me getting even more real. Facing certain challenges. Letting go more. My intention for the year ahead: May I allow and receive greater presence and intimacy with myself and deepen my relationships with loved ones. May I allow vulnerability to… …Read More »

The Seventh Chakra – Everything You Wanted to Know

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The Seventh Chakra - Everything You Wanted to Know by Robin Hallett

The Seventh Chakra – Everything You Wanted to Know It’s also known as the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara in Sanskrit Have you ever felt feelings of great harmony and peace? A sense of connectedness that was so much bigger than just you and your life? Chakra 7 is a mystical energy center. It’s about your connection to higher consciousness. This chakra is about spirituality, self-realization, and enlightenment. Chakra seven is the energetic corridor that leads you from a ho-hum vision of life to a sparkling one of infinite possibility. Where you… …Read More »