Tell the Story You Want to Tell, Not the One That’s Taking You to You Know Where // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 45

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It's ok to want what you want and it doesn't make you bad or wrong

Do you ever wish that you could tell a story about you and your life and have it come true? If you think about it, all we are really ever doing is telling a story. We write our story for how things are going and we tell it to ourselves over and over and over. Then, we live that narrative often without questioning it. But, do we like the story? That’s the kajillion dollar question! In this episode of Tea with Robin, we’re talking about releasing our unintentional negative stories… …Read More »

Aiming Low: The Secret Superpower

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aiming low: the secret superpower

What if most of our ideas about “reaching for the stars” are wrong? What if of our over-the-top hopes, dreams and visions for our lives cause most of the stress and anxiety we carry? Do you sometimes catch yourself worrying about whether or not you’re doing good enough? Or fear you don’t measure up to certain standards? If that’s you then I have a special and amazing superpower to share with you. It has the power to set you free. And release the ‘shoulds’ right out of your life. It… …Read More »

There’s No Such Thing as a Silly Need // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 44

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There's no such thing as a silly need by Robin Hallett

Do you ever judge the needs you have? Are there some needs you respect and honor but others that seem silly or stupid? You matter. ALL of your needs matter. When you tell yourself a need you have is dumb, you are devaluing your entire being. In this episode of Tea with Robin, we’re talking about why it’s important to honor personal self-care needs and how that gives us the confidence to boldly go where we’ve never gone before. I share ideas on how you can create a self-care kit… …Read More »

Knowing Your Purpose: You Have to Play to Win

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For all of you here in the Love Posse who sometimes tap the pain of not knowing what your purpose and mission is, this is my gentle love bomb to you. May it go to just the right hearts today. There is a purpose and mission for your life. You are not exempt. You haven’t been forgotten. You are right here on the inner circle, front and center with all of us. You are here to shine a light in the world. Your very own light. Not my light, not… …Read More »

On Thriving and Why It’s so Important to Receive Support // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 43

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I sit for guidance for every person I see in the healing room that day and today’s messages are all about the way we need to allow ourselves to receive help. We need to learn how to let ourselves be supported and to know that it’s okay to admit we need help instead of always having to be the strong one holding it all together. There’s no shame in needing help. There’s no shame in wanting to be supported. In having our needs met, and being helped. We don’t always… …Read More »

Corni and the Banana Boat, on Receiving Help Instead of Always Being the Strong One.

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Receiving help

Have I told you about the time Corni got stranded on the roof during a flood? It was early spring, and it had been storming a lot that week. One afternoon, there was so much rain, Corni’s house began to flood. Eventually, the first floor filled up with water so he decided to climb up on his roof to stay dry. Corni was very scared and so he began to pray. “Hello, God, it’s me Corni. I know it’s been a while but can you please help me get out… …Read More »

The Law of Divine Compensation and Staying in the Flow // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 42

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Today I am talking about honoring the flow of things. The flow of love. The flow of abundance. The flow of opportunity. The flow of right relationships. The flow of joy, ease, and peace. Trusting in the law of Divine Compensation, what we’re giving out what we’re honoring flows back to us as well. When we are aligned with our true nature and we honor our purpose and path, everything like itself flows back to us as well. In this episode of Tea with Robin, we’re talking about trusting in… …Read More »

There Is No Shame in Needing Help: How Letting Yourself Be Seen Will Truly Help You Shine

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There is no shame in needing help

There are stories we carry around in our hearts about getting help, many of them warped by what happened before. Some of us are carrying these stories forward, expecting more of the same, and because of this we don’t easily allow ourselves to receive support. But we might not realize that receiving help is directly related to how well we do in the world. Our healing is directly connected to our shining. Our ability to receive is directly proportional to the power of our shine. If it’s difficult to receive,… …Read More »

How to Manifest the Life We Want, on Living Miracles and Magic // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 41

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lakshmi, goddess of abundance

Manifesting. We hear the word all the time but what does it mean, really? And, how do we go about manifesting the life we want? Is it possible to think something and then have it happen? Are we that powerful? And if so, what’s the magic secret? In this episode of Tea with Robin, we’re talking about how we can manifest what we want, from small to the big things, by opening our hearts and allowing the joy in. “There is no order of difficulty in miracles, only thinking makes… …Read More »

How to Handle Your Transformation and Not Fear the Fear

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On intentions, manifesting, and getting what you wanted, and the transformational gunk that accompanies the whole process. So you set your intention and the Universe answered! But holy yikes, here comes the major change and upheaval. And now this isn’t feeling so exciting and wonderful anymore. Instead of being delighted and grateful, you are feeling a bit scared and confused about what you were wanting in the first place. Or maybe it’s more that you feel unworthy of this. Or you don’t believe you have your sh*t together yet. And… …Read More »

It’s Okay to Have a Bad Day // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 40

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It’s OK If It Wasn’t Good. It’s OK to Stop Pretending.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you have a bad day. If you feel sad or off sometimes, it’s okay. What the big deal is what we choose to do about it. We are so much more than the stories we tell. We are joy. We are light. We are infinite possibility. And we always have the freedom to go down the tubes with the klinky thinking. Or not. In this episode of Tea with Robin, we’re talking about the ups and downs of everyday life and how to take… …Read More »

How to Manifest Everything You Want

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On how to manifest everything you want by paying attention to what you’re putting out or, how to take your amazing life by the reigns and live like the unicorn you truly are 🙂 This is what we are talking about today, sweet friend! Sometimes friends in the Love Posse will write to me looking for support. They’ll speak to their fears around not finding or doing meaningful work, or they’ll tell me their money stories, or it’s a product launch they’re crossing their fingers and hoping for the best… …Read More »

Friendship Friction and What We Can Do About It // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 39

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robin hallett rock it like you mean it

Close friends. They’re in our hearts and we want to stay connected but so often there are upsets and bothers we don’t know how to talk about. How do we deal with friendship friction? How do we recognize the problem, address the pattern, and do the healing? In this episode, we’re talking about taking your relationships to the next level as you heal the patterns which continue to repeat for you. Listen here or wherever you enjoy podcasts 🙂 My session notes are below 😍😘 Episode 39: Friendship, Agency, #relationshipgoals… …Read More »

Enlightenment Is Really Just Remembering

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abundance you are the perfect mix

“Wow, I am so surprised to hear that you still struggle with this!” I had been sharing about my bouts with depression and this person commented that they were so surprised to hear that I still struggled after all this time. And honestly, it pissed me off for a while — when people talk down at you as if their stuff is all together and yours isn’t, it can be a bit triggering. (ahem, especially when from where you’re standing, it is so not the case) And then I touched… …Read More »

How to Not Get Drained by Other People and Stay Your Sparkling, Shiny Self // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 38

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How do you not get drained by other people? How do you not get “infected” by other people’s upset? What about the people in your life who are heavy and sad on a regular basis? And with all of that happening around you, how do you stay as your true sparkling self? Let’s dive in! Listen here or wherever you enjoy podcasts 🙂 My session notes are below 😍😘💖 Episode 38: Drainers, Dark Disco, #raisethevibe In this episode, I am sharing about how we deal with people who are… …Read More »