The Fourth Chakra – Everything You Wanted to Know

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Fourth Chakra Heart or Anahata chakra - Everything you wanted to know

The Fourth Chakra – Everything You Wanted to Know This chakra is also known as the Heart or Anahata chakra Ever felt the pain of a loss smack in the center of your chest?  What about an experience of deep joy or exhilaration? In both cases, our hands often fly right to this center to give ourselves support (we don’t always understand that’s why we’re doing it). Your fourth chakra is about the power of love and your connection to others. We feel people through this center. It’s the center… …Read More »

The Third Chakra – Everything You Wanted to Know

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The Third Chakra – Everything You Wanted to Know This chakra is also known as the solar plexus or Manipura chakra Ever felt butterflies in your belly? Have you received news that felt like a sock in the gut? Your third chakra stores your sense of self. It’s about your intuition and your identity. It’s about how you see yourself in the world. Your self-esteem and willpower live here.  This chakra stores the code that says: This is who I am. This is who I want to be. This is… …Read More »

Is Healing Work Really About Curing the Crazy?

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Why seek a spiritual healer? is healing just for crazy people?

The other day I was talking to a cherished client, joking around about how she isn’t going to need me much longer as she’s making quite brilliant strides in our work together. I love my work with clients. Together, we’re taking life to a whole new level. We call in abundance, and release the energy that no longer serves. I started to feel how much I’d miss her when she is ready to leave my nest. And I told her so. And she said, “Fear not, you’ve not seen the… …Read More »

The Second Chakra – Everything You Wanted to Know

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The Second Chakra - Everything You Wanted to Know

The Second Chakra – Everything You Wanted to Know This chakra is also known as the Sacral or Swadhisthana Chakra Ever experience an urge to create something amazing? Your second chakra is about experiencing joy and passion in life. It’s the seat of your creativity. This is a yin chakra. It’s connected to the feminine essence which is about being open to change and bringing forth new life. The quality of pleasure, excitement, and joy you are able to tolerate has a lot to do with the functionality of this chakra. How good… …Read More »

Love is my Dharma, There is Nothing to Fear

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how to overcome fear

Have you ever wondered how to overcome fear or, at the very least, make peace with it? I’m no stranger to fear. It’s something I’ve lived with since I was very little. There are many stories I could tell you… here’s one that sticks out in particular. When I was 5 and just starting kindergarten, my mom sent me to stay with the babysitter. I don’t really know the circumstances around why my mom had to leave. I just remember she gave me some pocket money and a dress I… …Read More »

The First Chakra – Everything You Wanted to Know

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the first chakra

The First Chakra – Everything You Wanted to Know This chakra is also known as the Root or Mulahdara Chakra Ever seen a plant fail to thrive because it had shallow roots? Your first chakra is the rooting or grounding that connects you deeply to the earth. It also provides the foundation for all the other chakras. It’s a yang chakra. It’s connected to our masculine essence, rooting us in the physical with a powerful will to live. Chant to open this chakra: LAM About the symbol for this chakra:  Mystics… …Read More »

The Downer Dilemma: How to Deal with Energy Suckers

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dealing with people who are downers

Do you have a Downer Dilemma? Spent any time with an Energy Sucker lately? Have you ever felt like your good vibes got sucked dry after spending time with someone? Know anyone who likes to ‘poor-me’ it up but won’t take help? What about the person who’s on the verge of yet another tirade about the State of Things? How about the one who rains on your parade? You share your good news and they tell you why it’s gonna’ fail. Yep, you’ve met an energy sucker. A downer. And,… …Read More »

The Healing Properties of Gemstones

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the healing properties of gemstones

Ever wonder if gemstones have healing properties? When you wear a piece of jewelry made with gemstones, you are literally tapping into the healing life force energy of our planet and universe. Each gem offers it’s unique healing properties to you. They clear blocks and bring fresh life force energy to the parts of you that have become stagnant. Gemstones charge up your field and protect you from unwanted energies. Each stone is made up of a blend of elements that gives a unique vibration, a distinctive color, and specific… …Read More »

The Wound and its Gift

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the gift in our wounding

My deepest longing, ever since I can remember, was to feel welcomed in the world. To feel seen. To matter. To belong. But, most of the time I felt “missed” by the people who were supposed to see me the most. The message was: “You’re not welcome here.” It was so painful. I call this a wound A wounding is an event or string of events that change the landscape of our lives. As a kid, I would lie awake at night with a heavy heart wondering: Why is this… …Read More »

The Seven Major chakras

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the seven major chakras

The first time I was told that I have energy centers in my body called Chakras, I laughed out loud. Then I wondered when they were going to pass the Kool-Aid. And if someone had told me someday I’d be writing a post about the seven major chakras, I’d have called them crazy. It all seemed like a bunch of woo woo mumbo jumbo to me. But, HA! Here I am writing about them. Even though it took me a while to figure out that chakras are real, I eventually… …Read More »

What is Healing?

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What is Healing? Everything You Wanted to Know about Healing

Whether you call it Healing or Intuitive Healing, or Hands on Energy Healing, or Reiki or Healing Touch… (or, or, or! because healing goes by many names) Healing is for real. And no matter how you slice it, healing brings about positive change in people. I call it Intuitive Healing and I say it’s right for (almost) everyone. Most people I meet find me because they’re searching for a way to help themselves get to get to where they want to be in life. They wonder if something’s wrong with them because… …Read More »