Rock it like you mean it: Self Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

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The Love Sheriff’s guide to rocking entrepreneurship like you mean it 🙂 I help a lot of people who are in business for themselves (mostly they’re soulpreneurs). I’d love to share some of my healing insights as it relates to self care and entrepreneurship with you. Sometimes I meet Awkwardpreneurs in my healing room. That’s my affectionate term for entrepreneurs who are out of alignment in one way or another. To be sure–they’re some of the coolest creative people I know. And, they’re out of balance. We self-employed love to… …Read More »

You Are Not the Cosmic Cruise Director! Here’s What to Do When You’re Done Giving to Everyone Else First // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 52

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you are a supercollider

Are there people in your life who ask for so much from you that you can’t manage to stay nice with them? Do you ever wish you could just tell them what you really think, or pop them one with your caretaker’s clipboard? Well, before it gets to that point, come listen to this episode! You are not the Cosmic Cruise Director for anyone unless you choose to be. 🎧 Listen to Episode 52: Cosmic Cruise Director, Irrational Joy, #motivationtochange My session notes including time stamps are below This… …Read More »

Dear Inner Shaman, Mother and Guru, Please Help Me to Remember

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Dear inner Shaman, Mother, and Guru, please help me to remember: I am my own Shaman there’s no need to climb Machu Picchu or wander the desert seeking, I’m right here. I am my own mother I know best what soothes my colicky cry, and eases my indigestion or rocks me gently to sleep I am my own Guru they say I come from stardust ancient wisdom flows through my veins my cells vibrate with knowing I am one with the Universe but sometimes, I’m like a little mole in… …Read More »

If You Ever Worry About Your Bad Habits Listen to This // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 51

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Do you ever worry about your habits? Are you sometimes fixated on what you’re doing wrong? I’m here to tell you that focusing on the problem will only make it worse for you. Let’s try an approach that will actually help you heal as you learn to love and embrace all of who you are too. This week, on Tea with Robin, I talk about our perceived “bad habits” and the way we judge ourselves for having them. This makes so many problems for us without really ever addressing the… …Read More »

Worrying Makes You Suffer Twice and Then Some

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Hello, sweet friend, I am sending love and a hug! This has been a big week for lots of us, and it seems like I’ve been sharing similar messages from Spirit for lots of folks. When that happens, I love to come here and share with you too. Worry is something we do. And so often I find that it is a preferred tactic of our ego mind — it wants us to stay busy with stuff that feeds it. Worry and upset feed our ego. Ease, peace, joy and… …Read More »

Benevolent Forces Are All Around You // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 50

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The universe is listening and sending you exactly what you need, always. The benevolent forces are all around you — cosmic attention loving you up, wanting to help you, inspire you, and remind you to GO FOR IT. In this episode of Tea with Robin, I’m talking about the benevolent forces in the Universe — the love that is all around us, surrounding us, supporting us, and guiding us. How loved and cherished you are! I share ideas on how you can let go of the worry and trust more.… …Read More »

Let Yourself off the Hook. Do Whatever You Want. Let Go.

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Let Yourself off the Hook. Do Whatever You Want. Let Go. How to not lose it when things go wrong.

Or, what to do when you’re in a funk and you can’t make yourself do anything “productive” and you just wanna hang it all up and head for the coast but you’re scared that this will mean the end. I’m drinking coffee and reading Stephen King. The windows are open, I’m listening to crickets and the smell of smell of fresh cut grass fills the kitchen. The yumminess of this takes me back to a time when I had no responsibilities and life felt pretty easy. I take a beat… …Read More »

Your Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy so Dance with the One Who Brung Ya // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 49

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abundance forgive yourself and stop repenting

On honoring your needs and why it matters and letting fun be fun again. Please don’t judge what you love — all of it is light trying to flow through you. Everything you wanna accomplish in your life is better in a vibe of ease and joy and can-do-yes-yes-YES! To be in a sense of play and adventure and delight is where it’s at! And as we enjoy life, we become a magnetic attractive force to all things in alignment with what we want. And that’s how it works, we… …Read More »

Little Birdies Need Love Too: Understanding Why We Numb in Order to Cope

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Many of us turn to numbing out as a coping strategy. I wish it wasn’t so hard to talk about openly. I hope if you have found this article, my sharing helps you. I turned 50 this year. I’ve been loving myself more fiercely.  Making peace with my heart. Accepting who I am. Releasing who I am not. I’m deepening my love and appreciation for the parts of me I’ve struggled with. Less war and shame, more love and appreciation. Yay! I still struggle finding my own compassion. It’s getting… …Read More »

Your Way is the Right Way // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 48

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There is a powerful knowing in you always, and it’s leading you forward in the best of everything for you. Your way is the right way. On following your own path and choosing to feel good about it. Because when you follow what everybody else wants, you never get what you want.  🎧 Listen to Episode 48: Your Way, You Inspire, #Artistlife In this episode of Tea with Robin, I’m sharing a favorite philosophy: Your way is the right way. I talk about what it means to confidently honor… …Read More »

When It’s Time to Send the Inner Booger Packing

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Confidence and sending the inner booger packing

Dear amazing YOU: The truth is, there is nobody else quite like you on the planet. You are HERE to share your heart, your story, and your sparkle with the world and you’re destined to do this in a very unique and authentic way. You’ve probably felt that inner special something calling to you for a very long time and I’ll bet there’s also a twinge of sadness swirling with it as well. Maybe you’ve had fearful thoughts, maybe you feel lost from time to time, maybe you haven’t been… …Read More »

Stop Being so Hard on Yourself // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 47

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My dear, please tell me why do you still throw sticks at your heart? — Rumi Don’t waste time being hard on yourself. It has zero benefits for your journey. What would it be like to be kind and loving to yourself instead. To be your own ally and love yourself exactly as you are. In this episode, I’m talking about how to stop holding our own hearts hostage and be kinder and gentler towards ourselves. Plus, a little wisdom from Ram Dass and we’ll have a letter from #candygram… …Read More »

You Are a Good Person

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loving yoursef enough to leave the surface

Hello sweet Friend! Today’s meditation offering is this: I am a good person. This is such an important meditation for us all, isn’t it? So often we are going around affirming the contrary. Or we worry worry worry that we’re not! Or we defend ourselves inside our own mind to the people in our lives (who aren’t even with us when this is happening). Let’s practice together today. It’s good for your heart and spirit, guaranteed to bring you joy. You are a good person! You are totally deserving of… …Read More »

The Power of Appreciation and What It Can Do for You // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 46

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The energy of appreciation… how important and healing it is! Appreciation is a superpower we can harness. Appreciation is a skill that helps you stay open, it keeps those cell receptors open to light and joy and excitement and abundance. And the felt-sense that anything is possible, anything could happen, anything will happen! This week, on Tea with Robin, I talk about the power of appreciation and how it can move mountains in your life. I share ideas on how you can recognize ways you’ve been negatively appreciating things you… …Read More »

Love is the Metric

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Several years ago I was interviewed on a podcast. It was one of the first interviews I had done and I was so excited about the opportunity to share my message with a wider audience. I felt a powerful presence within as I spoke, an effervescence that had an after-feel of butter melting. Parts of my own being were clarifying in that conversation, ones which lacked the oomph and stamina to get themselves over the hump previously. Afterward, I felt expanded, there was an inner awareness which knew something very… …Read More »